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The Woman Song!!!

I am woman, hear me roar, if you don't open my door,
I can do anything that a man can do, but I don't want to,
Oh the female sex has a lot more class,
unless we're looking at a male strippers ass,
I'm a 21st Century Gal, but I can't set my VCR.

Well, I am not your hooker but you're still gonna pay,
'Cause sex is a special thing, and a darn good weapon,
Because my body belongs to me,
until I get dinner, and a movie,
I don't sleep around until I do a credit check.

And I have a mind of my own which I change every two seconds,
And I'm not afraid to ask for directions 'cos I can't read a map,
And I stand behind my man,
so I can nag him as much as I can,
And I can fight in combat, but I can't kill a spider.

And I never tell a lie, but I will fake an orgasm,
Cos I am the real McCoy, except for my boobs and my face,
And I get all hot and sweaty for,
the opening of a new shoe store,
And I'm very proud of my age,
which is none of your freakin business.....

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