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These pages are here to (at least try to) put a smile on your face.

I appreciate that not all of the jokes/humour on here will be to everyone's taste, but I agree with something I once heard a great comedian (who's name slips my mind LOL) say - and that was something along the lines of... "The jokes you don't like, you have to put up with. Consider them to be the tax you pay on the ones that you do".

There are going to be some jokes/stories (or whatever) on here which will definitely offend some people, but, as you will see, I am, and intend to remain, an equal-opportunity abuser. In other words - deal with it - everyone else does!!! It's meant to be funny.....

There is, I expect, going to be rather a lot of this, so I have decided to split it into sections from the word go. As a result of this, and the fact that I have recently completely rebuilt the site, some of the sections below might be a little light in content .. FOR NOW...

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