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One of a host of games available to play online at Yahoo! games, pool is the one that has most caught my attention. There are times when I don't play for days, and even occasionally weeks, but its more likely you'll find me in there most days.

Everyone has their own preferences, and some people never settle down to a single pool room, but as I go there to chat as well as play, it's nice to have people around I know than have to start from scratch every time I go online. As a result, you'll almost always find me in the Intermediate room, You could be mine*, where I play most evenings. I have also spent some time designing and building logos for the different Tournament Directors to use on their tournament pages, but I've had to start charging a small fee as they were eating up my allowed bandwidth so I had to move to a paid-for server. You can now find them at http://www.isotope-design.com.

* This is a direct link to the room, and may require you to sign in using a valid Yahoo! ID if you aren't already signed in. For a full list of the rooms available, have a look at my backdoors list.