The souls of two lights the world with love,
Praying for a blessing from heaven above,
The lord has answered their constant prayer,
For the essence of life will soon appear,
Its time to recieve their bundle of joy,
The miracle of their baby boy.
The beat of their hearts subside,
For there's no vision in his eyes,
What kind of world will it be,
when it's only darkness he will see,
What kind of life will he lead,
Without any images to proceed,
What wonderful thoughts can there ever be.
with an imagination he can never see.
Going through life in a world unknown,
This baby boy is now a teen grown,
Among his thoughts and many choices,
Like who are the faces behind the voices,
There are many things his eyes do crave,
Like the sky of blue,or an ocean wave,
A day of laughter and pure delight,
For God has bestowed him back his sight,
Keeping them so tightly closed,
Anxiously awaiting for what it will be,
The very first thing he will see,
As the sun begins to rise ,
He starts to slowly open his eyes,
Breathing with anticipation ,
For the longing moment he's been waiting,
His eyes are now open wide,
With both his parents by his side,
He stands and walks to a mirror on the shelf,
For the first vision he sees is of Himself....