I am in love with a military man,
Fighting for our country in every way he can,
He stands the ground to protect us all,
Keeping us safe if war is the call.
Along with his troop three eighty four,
Standing guard to what ever we endure,
So when you see an F16,
Remember the men behind the scene,
The freedom that we live each day,
Is there because they clear the way,
To both the woman,and the men,
Who stand there post in Bah rain,
Giving their life to keep us safe.
To never lose hope and keep the faith,
Each day you awake.
You start to fret.
Because you have to go to work,
So you get upset!!
What is it that you deal with each day?
Is the traffic moving?
Not enough pay?
when Our men in arms awake across the bay.
Their only thought is to keep us safe today!
So when heading off to work,
And You mumble under your breath.
Just remember when they are heading off.
Their facing death!
Many of days shedding a tear,
For all the loved ones over there,
Sadness and heartache that deeply burns,
The worry of their safety,One of many concerns,
AS we are anxiously awaiting on their returns,
The love of my life,is among these few,
Keeping the world safe for me and you!
Each day i cry and long for him,
And i love him more for what he believes in,
He sleeps in a tent,and stands in line for a meal,
The conditions they live in is so unreal,
Nothing but desert,rocks and sand,
This is what we for give to them,
For giving there life for a fellow man,
A soldier makes only thousands to catch a bullet,
And they still stand tall,
Where an athlete makes millions to catch a ball?
We lock them up behind a wall,
without any luxuries at all,
Things i am about to tell you are not a joke,
sheesh! they have to walk a long ways just to have a smoke,
They get nothing at all for there loyalty,
Where in my book they should be treated like royalty,
The only connection to loved ones back home,
Is limited to 20 mins, twice a week by phone,
Or sending a email with an hour long line,
That by time a computer opens, its the end of there time,
You would think with all the presidents power,
That he would be sure that they would at least get a hot shower,
SO many days in the line of duty,
Without a single complaint.
Such dedication,and restraint,
They are ready to die and go to battle,
And for this they get treated like a heard of cattle,
The things i have mentioned are just a few,
Of the many things that they go through,
My words of there tasks was candy coated,
Except for the fact that they are devoted,
The fact of the matter is truly this,
The praise they deserve seems not to exist,
So to sum this up in just one word,
To one that im sure you all have heard,
The only word that comes to mind,
The only one that i can find,
OH!! shucks,, it just SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSS,,,,,,