Rants 'n' Raves

Pass this on to xxxx people....

ARGHHHHHHHHH!!! I am SOOOOO damned sick and tired of getting these things... They are BULLSHIT - every single one of them - email, Instant Messaging etc etc. THINK people.... Yahoo is NOT going to start charging for messenger when AOL, ICQ and MSN are free cos they would lose all of their people. They sure as hell aren't going to give you something free if you send something to 5 people either - think think think - its all utter bollocks.... Yahoo! has enough trouble keeping track of pool games etc, and they take about 5 minutes each to complete - what chance do you think they have of keeping track of how many people you send what message to? Don't do it PLEASSSSSSSE it's as good as putting a sign on your head saying "Look at me, I'm a gullible fool". It's a complete waste of your time, as well as the "friends" you send them to!

As for emails with virus warnings... You can be damned sure that the major Anti-virus companies know about new virus threats long before we hear about them in emails sent around. If its a real virus, then your latest antivirus file should catch it without any problems - if you don't have an antivirus, you might want to consider either 1) getting one, 2) staying off the net or 3) sending your computer to the scrapyard, cos its on its way anyway!

If you EVER get an email saying search for and delete this file, and you do it, you must be nuts.... If someone in the street told you 2 wheelnuts were safer than 4 would you run and take 2 out of each wheel of your car? THINK before you act. These things are commonly known as a HOAX virus - and they can be as damaging as a real one. The whole point of a virus is to spread, and often cause as much damage as possible. If you send these things on, YOU ARE SPREADING THIS VIRUS, hoax or not - YOU ARE TELLING PEOPLE TO CARRY OUT ACTIONS THAT WILL DAMAGE THEIR SYSTEMS - and if everyone sends enough of them (this is the real goal of the stupid idiots who start them) they might even generate enough traffic to crash some email servers - conratulations - YOU JUST TOOK AWAY YOUR OWN EMAIL SERVICE.

Don't just think about where you heard the information from, no matter how much you trust them, think about where they got it from too - just engage brain before fingers....

Ohh, and a special thankyou to my baby for sending me this... which seems to fit in real nicely :D