Interests & Hobbies

PC Games

Yeah, yeah, I know - MORE computer stuff...

I've never really been one for these first person, "run around and blow the hell out of anything that moves" type of games. Personally I prefer the type that make my brain do a little work... That isnt to say I don't like blowing shit up LOL - just that it isn't the be-all and end-all of computer gaming for me.

Current Favourites

SimCity 4

Maxis has a habit (*cough* conveniently forgetting things like SimAnt, SimFarm, SimGolf etc - what can I say Maxis were young and stupid and wanted to cash in on the Sim thing) of producing these fantastic time sapping simulation games where you get to play god.. Simcity 4 is, unsurprisingly, the 4th Simcity game, where you take the role of Major of one or a number of cities, the aim being to make the city (or cities) as "good" as possible....

Grand Theft Auto III

Yeah!! Steal cars and blow shit up!!!! hehe - Well, I did say I liked it occasionally... GTA III, the third GTA is such a massive step up from the original GTA and GTA2 that it hardly deserves to be saddled with the moniker, sequel. The view is different, the graphics are like the difference between Monkey scribbles and Monet, and the sheer playability is indescribable...


Elite for the 21st Century... Microsoft seems keen to try to distance this game from comparison with the BBC classic, Elite, but the similarities are impossible to deny - after all, the whole point of freelancer is to fly around in a spaceship, taking on missions, and/or carrying cargo and trading for more money so you can get a better ship with bigger weapons etc. In Elite you used to have to, well, just re-read everything above from freelancer to etc.

Past Favourites

Anything Command And Conquer Related

Westwood Studios... You rule... From the Original Command and Conquer, and add-on, to Red Alert, with its several add-ons, Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun, Dune 2000(not officially part of the C&C series but the same idea), C&C Commando, C&C Generals (ok, never played the last 2, but only cos I didn't get round to it) - asset management and production is the name of the game - get the raw materials, and turn them into Buildings and Military Units, then go get em all blown up - what more could a man ask for on a sunday afternoon...

The Sims

...plus Living It Up, House Party, Hot Date, Vacation/Holiday (depending on your side of the pond) Unleashed etc. etc. ad infinitum. The God game on a more personal level - don't run a city, or a world.. Run a family... Jobs, life, love, fights, furniture, decoration etc etc - You micromanage the lives around your Sims and hope they like it... If they don't they will let you know... If you don't listen, they will bugger off... I have yet to purchase the superstar add-on - I got kinda bored at Hot Date - the vacation and unleashed.. well ok the puppies are cute but they HAD to put in kittens too, didn't they.... I am NOT a cat person LOL

Theme Hospital

Going back a little while now, but how can you not love a game with ailments like Bloaty Head, Jellyitis and Slack Tongue... Build and manage a hospital to the required level (well build is a bit of a misnomer - you don't get any control over the external layout, but rooms and thier uses are completely under your control)... The mission, get to the biggest best hospital and run that one till you hit the targets. New ailments and rooms every level keep it from getting tedious, and vomit viruses keep your handymen busy. By now this game is available for about the price of a pack of cigarettes and I guarantee it will last you longer (unless, of course, you don't smoke)... If you dig around on the net you'll be able to find the "pregnancy" patch... apparently someone decided it wasnt PC to call it a disease... But you can get it if you really want it...