Dominic Joshua Kirby

Dominic was born on 14th April 1999, my second son, and the first son of Jennifer Kirby.

Dominic lives Portsmouth, England in a town called Gosport. Unfortunately, I have had very little contact with him since his birth, mainly due to the amount of distance involved, but I've met this young man on a few occasions.

At this time, I don't really have any contact at all with either Dominic, or his mother, Jenny, although I do plan to change than when my personal situation is better and I have a little more to offer the little guy. My planned move to the United States doesn't change that - I just can't put a timescale on it, but I'd like to think I'll one day be a part of his life again, in one form or another, and I have every intention of doing what I have to in order to realise that.

Dominic has a half-brother, Jack, who also features on these pages. The boys have only ever met on one occasion, and I doubt either of them has any real recollection of that meeting, but maybe, hopefully, in the future, who knows...

Dominic, you may not be in my life right now, but you're in my heart - don't ever let anyone tell you that your Dad doesn't love you....

I have to deal with the fact that, because of the long absence of contact between us, that Dominic may not wish to have contact with me in the future, and while it is by no means what I want, if that is his decision, I will repect, accept, and understand it - but I'll make damned sure he knows that its a decision that can be reversed anytime at all. ANYTIME.