Jack Colin Millward

(Formerly Jack Colin Ormsby)

My first born.

Jack was born at 23:47 on 10/1/1997, at South Tyneside General Hospital, the first son of both myself, and my then fiancee, Stephanie Millward. He weighed in at 3.96Kg, or 8lb 12oz in old money. Shortly after his birth, when I was on my way home from the hospital, I experienced what I choose to call, a perfect moment.

Jack is a very happy little boy, and most of the people who meet him agree that he is also (usually) a very well behaved young man. I love him with all my heart, and maybe these pages and pictures (when I get them put on this new site) might help you understand why :)

I know, as his father, I'm naturally biased, but I assure you, should you meet him, you'd fall in love with him within minutes - he just has that effect on people. One of the first things people I haven't seen in months or even years often ask, is how he is - he just attaches himself to your memory in a way that cannot be described with words alone.

Over the 6 or so years since his birth (depending on how updated I manage to keep this site) he has given me many a cherished memory, but there is one that stands out amongst them all. I'd like to share this very special moment in my life - The "I Love You" incident - as I've decided to call it...

Jack has a half brother, Dominic Joshua Kirby, and a half sister, Bethany Milne. Dominic is also mine, and while there is no direct blood link between myself and Bethanie, I love her as much as I would if she was my own. A situation has developed, as a result of which I no longer have any contact with Dominic, mainly due to the geographical distance between us, but I think about him often.

Like any kid, Jack has a very distinctive personality, and what can only be called a frankly scary memory. The number of times he has been told things, and then suddenly recalled them, hours, days, weeks or even months later, having never mentioned them in the interim is unbelievable.

Put simply, this little man is one of the lights of my life, and without him in it, I might not be here today - we all have weak moments, caused by depression and despair, and I'd like to take the opportunity to thank this young man for dragging me (kicking and screaming where required) through more than one of mine.

I love you son, and I always will - you're in my thoughts, today and every day. I cannot begin to describe the way I feel about you, so I'm not going to belittle it by trying to. Just know that you are, and will always remain, one of the most important things in my life.

I am leaving soon for a new life in the United States, but it is by no means an end to my past life. I will not allow this mere geographical distance to separate us. I will make every effort to remain a "real" father to you. You will be in my thoughts every single day, of that I have no doubt, and we will see and be in touch with each other as often as possible. A few hours on an aeroplane will never break the bond we have. This isn't the end of our lives together, it is simply the start of a new phase in those lives. The reduction of the regular physical contact between us will only serve to make those contacts all the more precious and special. I promise you, on my life and soul, we will remain a family son, always. I love you.