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Reasons its Great to be a Gal...

Think this is sexist? - Well, it is kinda, I suppose,
so here are Reasons it's great to be a guy

  1. You know a little bit about everything and a whole lot about sex
  2. Your figure can get you interviews if you so choose
  3. Your bag of "useless stuff" generally stops his whining
  4. When your work is criticized you plot how to destroy that person's career
  5. You let them think they get extra credit for thoughtfulness
  6. You don't have to shave above the neck
  7. You can stop almost any argument with tears
  8. One word -- shoes
  9. You can pull off a "helpless" act almost anytime
  10. If you want a new one, break the old one and ask him to fix it
  11. Your moods can get you what you want when you want them
  12. You own half of everything but unless you want to, don't have to pay for it
  13. You don't have to lie to your friends when talking about sex
  14. You don't have to see how loud you can get just to prove a point
  15. You can safely hold a grudge for years
  16. You're not constantly worried about your hair falling out
  17. Hot bubble baths
  18. You can swim in cold water, and still have sex afterward
  19. You can fuss over cute lil' animals
  20. You can get paid maternity leave
  21. You don't have to make everything seem sexual
  22. You can actually do different things with your hair
  23. You can actually remember someone from high school/college
  24. You can always find a shoulder to cry on
  25. You're always Daddy's lil' girl no matter how old you are
  26. Songs can hold meanings for you
  27. You can still have stuffed animals around at any age
  28. You can wear his shirts and PJs
  29. You can watch any Soap Opera ya want to
  30. You can get away with just about anything by saying, "It's a woman thing"