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A selection of texts that I hope will make you smile - lists, jokes, funny stories etc.

101 Uses for an AOL Disk
40 Signs You Have A Drinking Problem
A Bridge To Hawaii
Alcohol at work
A Poem For Computer Users over 40
Bart Simpson Lines
Beer Quotes
Bumper Stickers
Cars And Computers
Chinese Proverbs
Courtroom Quotes
Is A Beer Better Than A Woman?
Little Johnny
National Condom Week Slogans
NEVER try to outsmart a woman
Ode To Women
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes...
Pickup Lines
Reasons Why It's Great To Be A - Guy - Gal
Some Simple Rules For Women
Still A Virgin
Suggestive Star Wars
The Evolution Of Parenthood
The Hormone Hostage
The Perfect Couple and Santa
The Perfect Day - For him - For Her
The Salesman
The Stance
The World According to Homer J. Simpson
True Friendship
Why Men Lie
Womens Humour
Words Women Use