About Me

These pages should eventually contain a stack of stuff about me, my family, work etc.etc, but for now, just a lil bit about lil ol me....

My name is Colin Michael Ormsby, and I currently (updated 10th Feb 2005) live in the town of South Shields, in the North-east of the UK. I just got back from a year in Australia, a beautiful country with MUCH better weather than we have here!!! Lots of memories, some good, some bad, some wonderful and some terrible - but overall, if I could go back a year in time, I'd still go, so overall can't have been a bad thing.

There are some sections of this site which will be updated on an almost daily basis - others which will remain untouched, potentially for months - this site is, as much as anything else, an outlet for me - somewhere I can vent my spleen, state my opinions, rage at the world or just sit back relax and have a smile. Somewhere I can come to relax and appreciate how good things are, or somewhere I can come and hide when things aren't so good.

There will be, undoubtedly, some extremely useful information contained within the site - but information is, by its' very nature, only useful to those who have a use for it. Not only that, but I have every intention of letting this site grow in as organic fashion as possible - if I think of something I want on here, I'll find a way to add it. This may lead to a confusing maelstrom of opinions, information, and nonesense, but I repeat, this is MY site, and it will serve whatever purpose I decide I need it to at the time.

With a little luck, it will also serve you, the visitor, in some fashion - maybe as a source of information, a source of entertainment - something to make you smile, cry, grin like a loon or even give you the opportunity to think "What the hell is he on about - he's a fool". You have as much right to have an opinion of me, as I have to put my opinions in here.

Anyway, more about me, and less about the site.....

I am the proud father of 2 wonderful boys, Jack and Dominic, and a kind of step father come uncle to a beautiful young girl, Bethany. More information about them, should you want it, is in the family section.

In my spare time I do a little work for myself, producing Web Pages and other computer based products for a range of companies, including Sunderland Body Art, Able Group Security, Jetpatcher (UK) Ltd, WinSunD Ltd, MAJ Paints Ltd, QRP Ltd, and QRP Northern, all of which I do under the guise of Isotope Design.

If you're at all curious about my use of the nickname Slaveofconvention, then you'll just have to get to know me, THEN ask.... I might even tell you.... Or, look around, there may be an explanation on this site somewhere :p (like right here)

I have nothing else of any great importance to say at this point, so if you feel like getting in touch, for whatever reason, feel free to contact me.